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Langley, BC

Contact Lens & Fittings

Your Contact Lens Life Begins at Willoughby

Advancements in contact lenses mean that more types of eyes are suited to contacts than ever before. If you have been told you are not a good candidate in the past, that may have changed. If you’d like to ditch your frames for contact lenses, visit us for a contact lens exam and fitting.

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Fitting Contact Lenses, More Than a Prescription

Contact lenses are medical devices for your eyes. Since all eyes are quite unique, choosing the right ones for you is not as simple as just getting the right prescription. Your optometrist will not only determine your prescription, they will also help you pick the right contact lenses for your lifestyle.

The type of contact lenses that are the best suited to your eyes depends on a lot of factors. At your contact lens exam, we will assess the shape of your cornea. We will also measure the quality of your tears to understand your natural eye moisture. After a few questions about your hobbies and habits, we will be able to suggest what contact lenses are the right fit for you.

Specialty Contact Lenses For All Eye Types

The modern technology of contacts lenses has changed the way we think about contacts. Once upon a time, lenses were made of a single prescription strength and only covered the cornea. Today, strides have been made to create lenses for all types of eyes and prescriptions. At Willoughby Doctors of Optometry, we carry a wide range of contacts so none of our patients need to go without.

Scleral Lenses

The sclera is the white part of your eyes. Scleral lenses are larger than your average lenses, big enough that they cover the white portion as well as your cornea. They are fantastic for those with light sensitivity, dry eye, or keratoconus.

These lenses are designed specifically for those with astigmatism. The lenses are shaped to reduce the distortion caused by this refractive error. They are weighted or use thick areas to keep the lenses in the right position, making a proper fitting by an eye care professional vital to their comfort.

These lenses include a gradient of prescription, allowing different strengths to be employed at near and far focal points. These lenses are favoured by those with myopia and presbyopia, as they reduce eye strain and allow the wearer to see at distance and near.

These lenses are a hybrid of more than one material. The outer portion of the lens is made with a soft, flexible material that protects your eye from debris. The middle of the lens is made of a rigid gas permeable lens. These lenses are ideal for those with irregular corneas.

There are several names for these lenses: GP lenses, RCP lenses, and oxygen permeable lenses. They are hard (rigid) and are made up, in part, of silicone. The rigidity makes these lenses more durable and allow for a crisper acuity than other lenses, working together with the tear film to create a smooth clear ocular surface.

Contact Lens Care

Now that you have chosen your contacts, it is time to take them home and care for them yourself. We have a few reminders that will keep your contacts as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Contact Lens Care Tips

  • Wash your hands before handling your lenses
  • Use an unscented soap to keep oils, lotions, and perfumes from going into your eyes
  • Use a lint-free towel when drying your hands
  • Use the suggested cleaning solution
  • Always insert and remove your contacts in the same order to keep from mixing them up
  • Never use tweezers with your contact lenses
  • Insert your contacts before you apply your makeup
  • Replace your contacts regularly, as suggested by the type you have and wearing schedule provided by your optometrist

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